The Need for Tech Curiosity in Your Journey as a Fractional CFO

Have you just stepped into the exciting world of Fractional CFO? Do you want to sail smoothly in the career of financial seas? If you said yes, let us tell you that there is a small secret to thriving in this journey. You must shake hands with technology! We would like to emphasize that In this modern age, staying curious about technology will not just keep you ahead but will also prove to be your golden ticket to success.

  1. Tech for Newbies – If you’re a newbie in the Fractional CFO realm, think of technology as your trusty sidekick. And hey! Do not think that you have to become a tech guru or something like that! You just have to stay curious and develop an interest in the latest technologies in the market that relate to your field. You should be able to understand the major possibilities that tech brings to the financial table.
  2. The Language of Tomorrow – Just like a traveler picks up a few phrases of the local language, a Fractional CFO should understand the language of technology.
  • You do not need to learn coding!
  • You just need to be smart enough to understand the technologies that matter to the world of finance!
  • You should be able to have a meaningful conversation with the tech experts.
  1. Improved Efficiency – Whether you are planning for a budget, analyzing some data, designing a financial strategy or doing some other task that is a part of your job as a fractional CFO, you will realize very soon how technology plays a very important role. It speeds up your task, provides quick results and saves your time while improving your efficiency.
  2. Navigate the Digital Jungle – Consider this for a better understanding of the significance of technology in the world of finance. The financial landscape is now a digital jungle, and you are an explorer.!  With the help of technology, you would be able to navigate this complex jungle easily. You would have your own guards in the form of apps, platforms, etc that will guide you and help you at every step.
  3. Ignite Your Creative Ideas

It is also essential to mention that technology helps you stay creative. Take it this way. When you are ready to learn and show a keen interest in learning something new, you definitely evolve. When there is a new technology in the market and you show your interest in learning the same, you automatically become creative because every new technology brings a playground of innovation with it. As a fractional CFO, you should also stay updated about the latest technologies in the market which help you excel as a financial maestro. Once you develop an interest in the tech side and start implementing these companions in your work, you will realize how your creativity gets stimulated.

In the end, we would like to tell you that every demanding profession in the world has a tough level of competition. To stay ahead of others, you must stay informed and updated about the technology trends.

Author Bio –

Aleksey Krylov, accomplished CFO in life sciences and medical tech, excels in fundraising and M&A with a background in venture investing. Leading 70+ successful transactions, his versatility shines in navigating diverse strategic opportunities. Holding an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BSBA from Babson College, Aleksey’s financial insight, deal-making skills, and operational leadership prove invaluable for organizations, propelling them toward transformative growth in life sciences and medical technology.